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Danny Summers Dynamics of the Earths Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 199. Dynamics of the Earths Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere draws together current knowledge of the radiation belts prior to the launch of Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RPSP) and other imminent space missions, making this volume timely and unique. The volume will serve as a useful benchmark at this exciting and pivotal period in radiation belt research in advance of the new discoveries that the RPSP mission will surely bring. Highlights include the following: a review of the current state of the art of radiation belt science; a complete and up-to-date account of the wave-particle interactions that control the dynamical acceleration and loss processes of particles in the Earths radiation belts and inner magnetosphere; a discussion emphasizing the importance of the cross-energy coupling of the particle populations of the radiation belts, ring current, and plasmasphere in controlling the dynamics of the inner magnetosphere; an outline of the design and operation of future satellite missions whose objectives are to discover the dominant physical processes that control the dynamics of the Earths radiation belts and to advance our level of understanding of radiation belt dynamics ideally to the point of predictability; and an examination of the current state of knowledge of Earths radiation belts from past and current spacecraft missions to the inner magnetosphere. Dynamics of the Earths Radiation Belts and Inner Magnetosphere will be a useful reference work for the specialist researcher, the student, and the general reader. In addition, the volume could be used as a supplementary text in any graduate-level course in space physics in which radiation belt physics is featured.

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Ремень URBAN CLASSICS Canvas Belts (Sand, O/S)

Ремень URBAN CLASSICS, прочный нейлоновый ремешок и металлическая пряжка. Представлен в нескольких расцветках. Украшен гравировкой на пряжке. - Нейлоновый ремешок - Металлическая пряжка - Гравировка на пряжке

550 РУБ



Natalia Patratskaya Sapphire fairy. Prose in English

Katerina looked out of the window, as if she felt that they were waiting for her: she saw Grisha’s classmate. He was handsome and looked like an agent from a movie. Cloak. Belt. Usually, young people rarely use belts. Now Grisha stood and dutifully waited for Katerina.

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Mario Ferreira F. Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers

This book will provide insight into the principles and applications of nonlinear effects in fibers for students, researchers, and developers who have a basic understanding of electromagnetic theory under their belts. It will explore the physics, limitations, applications, and research results surrounding nonlinear effects in fiber optics. In addition to communications, optical fibers are already used in medical procedures, automobiles, and aircraft and are expected to have many other applications. This will expand the range of industry workers who will find a book of this type useful.

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Carl A. Nelson Audel Mechanical Trades Pocket Manual

This tool needs no maintenance Fully revised and updated, this convenient guide covers the latest industrial equipment as well as all the tools and machines prevalent in older plants, even those from the early 1970s and before. Your complete reference tool * Discusses machinery installation, welding, rigging, carpentry, basic electricity, and more * Features a chapter on safety issues * Covers belts, drives, transmissions, and bearings * Examines automatic sprinkler systems * Offers tips for preventive maintenance * Includes coverage of piping and pipefitting * Reviews shop mathematics, geometry, and trigonometry

1539.36 РУБ



Pere Cintas Grima Industrial Statistics with Minitab

Industrial Statistics with MINITAB demonstrates the use of MINITAB as a tool for performing statistical analysis in an industrial context. This book covers introductory industrial statistics, exploring the most commonly used techniques alongside those that serve to give an overview of more complex issues. A plethora of examples in MINITAB are featured along with case studies for each of the statistical techniques presented. Industrial Statistics with MINITAB: Provides comprehensive coverage of user-friendly practical guidance to the essential statistical methods applied in industry. Explores statistical techniques and how they can be used effectively with the help of MINITAB 16. Contains extensive illustrative examples and case studies throughout and assumes no previous statistical knowledge. Emphasises data graphics and visualization, and the most used industrial statistical tools, such as Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiments. Is supported by an accompanying website featuring case studies and the corresponding datasets. Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts will find explanations and examples of the most relevant techniques in DMAIC projects. The book can also be used as quick reference enabling the reader to be confident enough to explore other MINITAB capabilities.

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Kevin Pickering T. Deep Marine Systems. Processes, Deposits, Environments, Tectonics and Sedimentation

Deep-water (below wave base) processes, although generally hidden from view, shape the sedimentary record of more than 65% of the Earth’s surface, including large parts of ancient mountain belts. This book aims to inform advanced-level undergraduate and postgraduate students, and professional Earth scientists with interests in physical oceanography and hydrocarbon exploration and production, about many of the important physical aspects of deep-water (mainly deep-marine) systems. The authors consider transport and deposition in the deep sea, trace-fossil assemblages, and facies stacking patterns as an archive of the underlying controls on deposit architecture (e.g., seismicity, climate change, autocyclicity). Topics include modern and ancient deep-water sedimentary environments, tectonic settings, and how basinal and extra-basinal processes generate the typical characteristics of basin slopes, submarine canyons, contourite mounds and drifts, submarine fans, basin floors and abyssal plains.

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Daniel Frishberg Investing Without Borders. How Six Billion Investors Can Find Profits in the Global Economy

An insightful examination of the skills needed to be a proactive investor and find diverse investment opportunities in the emerging economy There is no little league on Wall Street and no white belts. Here or abroad, you are put in immediately with the black belts – the best and the brightest. Think like an amateur and they will eat your lunch in China or in the U.S. Attempting to invest overseas like a robot and following the leader will produce results just as bad as investing that way at home. While many investors are smart, creative individuals, when exposed to the herd, they tend to follow group mentality and succumb to what the people around them believe. Avoiding this trap can mean big profits for you. With The Investment Warrior, author Daniel Frishberg-a financial professional with more than thirty years experience in the industry-shows you how to break from the pack and build a winning portfolio. The investor in the old economy didnt think critically about changing economic or political conditions around the world. He never really had to. He was lulled to sleep by the enduring dominance of the U.S. economy. This book teaches you to be an awake and aware investor, ready for the changing financial environment. Throughout the book, Frishberg discusses what it takes to successfully invest both domestically and abroad and provides practical examples. This book Goes beyond the current crisis and explores the importance of diversifying and escaping the «herd» mentality that hinders most investors Contains insights into investing for the long term and taking advantage of the growing world economy Details the staggering amount of resources being applied to the global boom and what this means for your investments The lessons of this book go beyond todays economic crisis. Frishberg will provide you with insights to be used in all investing circumstances. Everyone wants to oversimplify. This is one of the most costly human foibles. You can capture considerable profits by going out on your own, and with The Investment Warrior as your guide, youll quickly discover how.

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George Ludwig H. Opening Space Research. Dreams, Technology, and Scientific Discovery

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series. Opening Space Research: Dreams, Technology, and Scientific Discovery is George Ludwigs account of the early development of space-based electromagnetic physics, with a focus on the first U.S. space launches and the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts. Narrated by the person who developed many of the instruments for the early Explorer spacecraft during the 1950s and participated directly in the scientific research, it draws heavily upon the authors voluminous collection of laboratory notes and other papers, upon the Van Allen archive, and upon a wide array of other sources. This book presents very detailed discussions of historic events in a highly readable (semitechnical), first-person form. More than that, though, Opening Space Research brings to the forefront the entire team of scientists who made these accomplishments possible, providing an extensive index of names to enhance and complete the historical record. Authoritative and unique, this book will be of interest to space scientists, science historians, and anyone interested in space history and the first U.S. space launches.

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Evanovich Janet Metro Girl

The brilliantly funny, unputdownable new novel from Janet Evanovich, No. 1 bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum books Buckle your seat belts. Number One bestselling author Janet Evanovich is moving into the fast lane with METRO GIRL, a thrilling, high-octane misadventure with high stakes, hot nights, cold-blooded murder, sunken treasure, a woman with a chassis built for speed, and one very good, very sexy stock-car racer whos along for the ride. When Wild Bill Barnaby drops off the face of the earth, big sister Alex heads for Miami to save her brother. Battling bad-hair-day humidity, Miami hit men, and Palmetto bugs big enough to eat her alive, Alex pursues Bills trail through the bars of South Beach then south to Key West and Cuba. Turns out, in his haste to leave town, Bill borrowed a yacht belonging to Sam Hooker, hero of the NASCAR circuit. Hooker figures hell attach himself to Alex and maybe run into scumbag Bill. Maybe even get lucky in love with Bills sweetie pie sister. After all, he is very good at revving a womans engine. The race to the finish is hot and hard, taking Alex and Hooker into international waters, exposing a plot to grab Cuban gold and a sinister relic of the Cuban missile crises. Creative cussing and tasteless sexual innuendo included.

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Shop for the Prince Hand Vac Belts for Royal Model 501, 3-501 and 5000 at the Amazon Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from Dirt Devil with the lowest ...

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Replacement parts, filters, belts and bags are just a click away. Genuine Hoover parts are designed to extend the life of your machine. Your Hoover vacuum or ...

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Quality Drive Belts for Eiki 16mm NT model Projectors. Our replacement belts for your Eiki are better then the originals. Purchase online.

VaModa Buckle for 40mm (1.5") belts, model 'Octopus ... - Amazon UK

Bucklesize : 9x6cm; For a belt width of 1.5" / 40mm; Zinc die cast; Gently clean with a damp cloth; 893190; Country of Manufacture : Italy; Perfectly matches jeans ...

Belts. VaModa Buckle for 40mm /(1.5/) belts, model Rubus model /'Rubus ...

VaModa Buckle for 40mm /(1.5/) belts, model Rubus model /'Rubus/' 893064 Christmas Holiday. Bucklesize : 8x6cm; For a belt width of 1.5" // 40mm; Zinc die ...

Model T Fan Belts - Page 1 of 3

Endless fan belt, 27". Item Number : 3964EEND; Year : 1920-1925. $6.00 each. Model T Endless fan belt, 32" · Endless fan belt, 32". Item Number : 3964FEND.

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Schiek Lifting Belts. The Original Patented "Shape That Fits". Model 2004 / 2004 Pink - 4-3/4" width in back; Model 2006 - 6" width in back; Model 3004- 4-3/4" ...


Belt with ball bearings for performing exercises with twists. Quick and easy to close.Supplied with legs straps.- Ø = 30 cm. - Waist size from 65 to 90 cm.…

waist belt - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee - Linguee.ru

Примеры перевода, содержащие „waist belt“ – Русско-английский словарь ... SupportVest, модель 91, но на ней нет поясного ремня и он предусмотрен [.

Thumler's Model T Tumbler Parts: Belts, Bearings, Shafts, Barrels

Replacing the belt on a Thumler's Model-T tumbler is an easy job that can be done without tools. Lift the drive shaft off of the frame, slip the belt over the pulley, ...

Belt BX44 Residenial, Commercial Model BX 47'' (L) X 5/8 ... - Descair

Product Type : Belts; Model or Collection : bx; Length : 47'' (119.38cm); Width : 5/8'' (1.58cm); Height : 13/32'' (1.03cm); Application : Commercial and Residential ...

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10 Pack of 1000 Grit Premium Silicon Carbide Sharpening Belts for High Grit Sanding and Sharpening Applications; Bi-Directional Butt Spliced Joint Allows ...

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9 апр. 2018 г. - The Business Model of the Future: Conveyor Belts: Lease, Don't Buy. Hannover Messe 2018. Lease price based on material and amount ...

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Trailed potato belt planter Structural 4000 – 80cm. With over 30 years of experience, Structural is the specialist in belt planters on the market. The machine is ...

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Hoover Hand Vacuum Cleaner; Model S1083 Brush Vacuum; Belts { 2 Belts } Part # 59139005; Replace your belts every 3 to 6 months. Hoover Hand Vacuum ...

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(4) Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Model 103 Belts. +. Dirt Devil Type G Vacuum Bags (10-Pack), 3010348001. +. Dirt Devil Hand Vac Cloth Bag Assembly Fits: Red ...

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Orogenic Belts, Geological Mapping: Proceedings of the 30th ...

This belt includes the Mamont-Shrenk and Faddey gneissic terranes with 850 Ma granites (model Sm-Nd age is 1800-1900 Ma), and island arc units, and ...

Van Allen radiation belt - Wikipedia

A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by ...

The US Army 1941–45

With the introduction of the M1 rifle, which held an eightround clip, some changes had to be made to the cartridge belt. The Model 1923 belt, changed from the ...

Farm belts :: Rubena.eu

производитель, Модель Комбайн, Номер в каталоге, Профиль, Длина ... и буквенные сокращения. Farm Belt КЛИНОВЫЕ РЕМНИ ОБЕРНУТЫЕ - УЗКИЕ ...

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Hoover Dual Steamer Model FH-50900 { Style 29 } Flat Belts 2 Pk { 2 Belts Only }; Genuine Part # 440005933. Replace your belts every 3 to 6 months. Hoover ...

Model 99 Buckleless™ Reversible Duty Belt, 1.5" - The Safariland Group

The Model 99 is a reversible belt for wear under a duty belt and can also be worn alone with trousers. The exterior features the SafariLaminate™ leather look ...

Beam Central Vacuum Power Nozzle Belt Model BM1176 { 2 Belts ...

Beam Central Vacuum Power Nozzle Belt Model BM1176; Part # 155501-002 ( 2 Belt ); EU Style AR/GE Style CN-1. Customers who viewed this item also ...

How to Replace the Belt on a Weed Eater Model HD12538 | Home ...

The Weed Eater model HD12538 lawn tractor has two belts. It is equipped with a mower blade drive belt and a motion drive belt. Check both belts for signs of ...

Palaeozoic Amalgamation of Central Europe

Belt. (Belgium). based. on. potential. field. data. MANUEL SINTUBIN1 & MICHEL EVERAERTS2 ^Structural Geology & Tectonics Group, Katholieke Universiteit ...

The automobile safety belt fact book

Safety belts have been specifically designed to be easy to adjust and to take only a few moments to fasten. Many of the difficulties associated with fastening ...

Mamod Unjoined 12 Driving Bands /(Pack of 2 Belts/) for Model Steam ...

Unjoined drive bands as used on Mamod and other types of model steam engines. Each universal band is 12" long and has a taper at one end. When the ...

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Details. This is an assortment of various sized rubber transmission belts for whatever purposes you can think of, these are the same type of belt used in cassette ...

Belts. waist belt - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee - Linguee.ru

Примеры перевода, содержащие „waist belt“ – Русско-английский словарь ... SupportVest, модель 91, но на ней нет поясного ремня и он предусмотрен [.

National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966: Legislative ...

Your Committee is aware that both government and industry statistics on the use of these safety belt ignition interlock systems on model year 1974 vehicles ...

Radiation Belts with Satellites | NASA

21 нояб. 2017 г. - A cutaway model of the radiation belts with the 2 Van Allen Probes satellites flying through them.

Observed Shoulder Belt Usage of Drivers in North Carolina: A Follow-up

Table l.2 Belt usage by model year distribution for the RSEP (Reinfurt et al., 1976). Model Year Belt Use 1973 1974 1975 Total None 5969 4640 1297 | 1906 ...

Belts. Orogenic Belts, Geological Mapping: Proceedings of the 30th ...

This belt includes the Mamont-Shrenk and Faddey gneissic terranes with 850 Ma granites (model Sm-Nd age is 1800-1900 Ma), and island arc units, and ...

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Bianchi PatrolTek Model 8100 2 Duty Belt is a 2 duty belt that works with the Bianchi model 8105. Purchase yours today at Streichers, where you'll find the best ...

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Модель Handcuffs2. Кожа Крейзи Хорс: 635 грн. Двухсторонняя эко-кожа: 525 грн. Кожзам ременной: 435 грн. Заказать ...

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The light brown patina Belt is stitched and finished by hand. Adjustable to adapt to any morphology.

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[1803.10751] Stable equatorial ice belts at high obliquity in a coupled ...

28 мар. 2018 г. - By increasing stellar irradiance, transitions occur to an Uncapped Cryoplanet with a perennial equatorial sea ice belt, and eventually to an ...

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Men's belt MR CARBONO model: 022902 California Orange, an exceptional place to keep your banknotes, both elegant and modern. Avant-garde and ...

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Items 1 - 24 of 27 - Ford Model A seat belts and Ford Model AA seat belt parts includes the seat belt kit available for all 1928-1931 Ford Model A & AAs.

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Model MB oil skimmers are dependable and an effective means of removing oil from water. Utilizing continuous belts and wipers it removes oil up to 200 gph.

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Search By Vehicle. View the Gates solutions that are available for your heavy-duty or passenger car/light truck vehicle based on its application.

BAS Radiation Belt Model (BAS-RBM) - British Antarctic Survey

The radiation belts are the region of space around the Earth where high energy charged particles are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field. The energy of the ...

Sport Belts by Model Number | Tune Belt

Tune Belt Sport Belts designed for iPhone, iPod, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC and more by model number.

VaModa Buckle for 40mm /(1.5/) belts, model Rubus model /'Rubus ...

VaModa Buckle for 40mm /(1.5/) belts, model Rubus model /'Rubus/' 893064 Christmas Holiday. Bucklesize : 8x6cm; For a belt width of 1.5" // 40mm; Zinc die ...

Hoover Vacuum Filters, Bags & Belts Model Number Decade 80 Parts ...

Model Decade 80 replacement part Hoover 40201048 Vacuum Replacement Belt (40201048) Your model Decade 80 uses the 40201048 Hoover 40201048 ...

Frankie Dettori Dettori’s Italian Family Cookbook

A sumptuous collection of mouth-watering recipes, heart-warming anecdotes and vibrant photography that bring the warmth of Italy to your kitchen table. Blending the character of Frankie Dettori’s familys traditional Italian home cooking and the sophistication of Marco Pierre Whites world-famous kitchens, this is a feast for all the senses.Good food, good wine, good company, good weather … all these are essential ingredients for a slice of the Italian life.Frankie Dettori, everyones favourite Italian export, is as well known for his love of life as his success on the course. With a chain of family-orientated restaurants under their belts, Michelin-stared chief Marco Pierre White and Frankie Dettori have teamed up once again to transport their special mix of delicious decadence and simple, down-to-earth home cooking.Filled with sumptuous photographs of Frankies family and the surroundings in which he grew up, as well as charming personal anecdotes, family recipes and sumptuous photographs, ‘Frankie Detorri’s Italian Family Cookbook’ brings you the all best recipes from the restaurant as well as Dettori family favourites and Italian kitchen secrets.Blending mouth-watering recipes, tips and anecdotes, and photographs that exude the warmth and vibrancy of true Italian dining, this is more than simply a recipe book – its a slice of real Italian home cooking just like mama used to make.

228.94 РУБ



Rumiz Paolo LItalia in seconda classe

Un esilarante, feroce viaggio in Italia nelle carrozze di seconda classe, su linee ferroviarie dimenticate, vaporiere borbottanti, motrici arrugginite, e le voci e i sapori di un paese minore troppo spesso dimenticato. Per una volta, ladies and gentlemen, non allacciatevi le cinture. Dont fasten your seat belts. Si parte in treno, la Cenerentola dei trasporti. Si fa Ntalia in seconda classe, per linee dimenticate. Buttate dunque a mare duty free, gate, flight, hostess e check-in. Lasciate le salette business a parlamentari e commendatur. Questo e un viaggio hard, fatto di scambi, pulegge, turbocompressori e carbone. E noi lo faremo. In tasca, unidea corsara. Percorrere 7480 chilometri, come la Transiberiana dagli Urali a Vladivostok. Non sappiamo ancora dove andremo e in quanto tempo consumeremo questo buono chilometrico che nessun biglietto puo contenere. Sappiamo solo che il nostro e un conto alia rovescia che ci obblighera a scendere al chilometro zero. II treno, non laereo, ha fatto lItalia.

1340 РУБ



Nehaoua Lamri Driving Simulation

Passive and active safety systems (ABS, ESP, safety belts, airbags, etc.) represent a major advance in terms of safety in motoring. They are increasingly developed and installed in cars and are beginning to appear in twowheelers. It is clear that these systems have proven efficient, although there is no information about their actual operation by current users. The authors of this book present a state of the art on safety systems and assistance to driving and their two-wheeled counterparts. The main components constituting a driving simulator are described, followed by a classification of robotic architectures. Then, a literature review on driving simulators and two-wheeled vehicles is presented. The aim of the book is to point out the differences of perspectives between motor vehicles and motorcycles to identify relevant indicators to help in choosing the mechanical architecture of the motorcycle simulator and appropriate controls. Contents 1. Driving Simulation. 2. Architecture of Driving Simulators. 3. Dynamics of Two-Wheeled Vehicles. 4. Two-Wheeled Riding Simulator: From Design to Control.

6635.84 РУБ



Andrei Gakh A. Molecular Devices. An Introduction to Technomimetics and its Biological Applications

Comprehensive look at mechanical molecular devices that mimic the behavior of man-made devices Molecular devices and molecular machines are individual molecules and molecular systems capable of providing valuable device-like functions. Many of them have distinct conventional prototypes and therefore can be identified as technomimetic molecules. The last decade has seen an increasing rate of practical applications of molecular devices and machines, primarily in biomedical and material science fields. Molecular devices: An Introduction to Technomimetics and its Biological Applications focuses on mechanical molecular devices, including the early set of technomimetic molecules. Topics covered include the many simple molecular devices such as container compounds, gearing systems, belts and tubes, and tweezers. It touches upon each molecular machine and discusses in great detail the importance of their applications as well as the latest progress in the fields of chemistry, physics, and biotechnology. Interdisciplinary: Must-have content for physicists, chemists, and biologists Comprehensive: Details an extensive set of mechanical technomimetic molecular devices Thorough: Starts with the fundamental material characterization and finishes with real-world device application Molecular devices: An Introduction to Technomimetics and its Biological Applications is an important book for graduate students, researchers, scientists, and engineers in the fields of chemistry, materials science, molecular physics, engineering, biotechnology, and molecular medicine.

12538.66 РУБ



Amy Joyner The eBay Billionaires Club. Exclusive Secrets for Building an Even Bigger and More Profitable Online Business

IN The eBay Billionaires Club, you will read thestories of twelve professional eBay merchants whorecognized a great business opportunity on the Internetand pursued it-some at great personal financial risk.In every case, the gamble has paid off. There are some powerful lessons to be learnedfrom these entrepreneurs, whose experiences truly runthe gamut. In the end, what they all have in common is that they started small-and some have purposely decided to stay that way. Youll quickly discover that eBay success really iswithin your reach, because every person in this bookbegan at the very bottom. Whats more, a number of them have achievedincredible growth in a relatively short period of time,which should motivate you to stop thinking aboutyour idea and get started on the road to becoming amember of this elite club yourself. Get your highlighters out and fasten your seat belts for a journey that will put you on the road to building your own million-dollar-or perhaps even billion-dollar-eBay business! —From the Introduction to The eBay Billionaires Club

1703.97 РУБ



Burbank Douglas W. Tectonic Geomorphology

Tectonic geomorphology is the study of the interplay between tectonic and surface processes that shape the landscape in regions of active deformation and at time scales ranging from days to millions of years. Over the past decade, recent advances in the quantification of both rates and the physical basis of tectonic and surface processes have underpinned an explosion of new research in the field of tectonic geomorphology. Modern tectonic geomorphology is an exceptionally integrative field that utilizes techniques and data derived from studies of geomorphology, seismology, geochronology, structure, geodesy, stratigraphy, meteorology and Quaternary science. While integrating new insights and highlighting controversies from the ten years of research since the 1st edition, this 2nd edition of Tectonic Geomorphology reviews the fundamentals of the subject, including the nature of faulting and folding, the creation and use of geomorphic markers for tracing deformation, chronological techniques that are used to date events and quantify rates, geodetic techniques for defining recent deformation, and paleoseismologic approaches to calibrate past deformation. Overall, this book focuses on the current understanding of the dynamic interplay between surface processes and active tectonics. As it ranges from the timescales of individual earthquakes to the growth and decay of mountain belts, this book provides a timely synthesis of modern research for upper-level undergraduate and graduate earth science students and for practicing geologists. Additional resources for this book can be found at: www.wiley.com/go/burbank/geomorphology.

12727.7 РУБ



Woodcock Nigel H. Geological History of Britain and Ireland

Britain and Ireland have a remarkably varied geology for so small a fragment of continental crust, with a fine rock record back through three billion years of geological time. This history would have been interesting enough if it had been played out on relatively stable continental crust. However, Britain and Ireland have developed at a tectonic crossroads, on crust once traversed by subduction zones and volcanic arcs, continental rifts and mountain belts. The resulting complexity is instructive, fascinating and perplexing. Geological History of Britain and Ireland tells the regions story at a level accessible to undergraduate geologists, as well as to postgraduates, professionals or informed amateurs. This second edition is fully revised and updated, reflecting our continually developing knowledge of the regions geology. Full coverage is again given to the rich Precambrian and Early Palaeozoic history, as well as to later events more relevant to hydrocarbon exploration. The book is an essential starting point for more detailed studies of the regional geology. Additional resources for this book can be found at: http://www.wiley.com/go/woodcock/geologicalhistory

12345.75 РУБ



Daniel Willingham T. When Can You Trust the Experts?. How to Tell Good Science from Bad in Education

Clear, easy principles to spot whats nonsense and whats reliable Each year, teachers, administrators, and parents face a barrage of new education software, games, workbooks, and professional development programs purporting to be «based on the latest research.» While some of these products are rooted in solid science, the research behind many others is grossly exaggerated. This new book, written by a top thought leader, helps everyday teachers, administrators, and family members—who dont have years of statistics courses under their belts—separate the wheat from the chaff and determine which new educational approaches are scientifically supported and worth adopting. Authors first book, Why Dont Students Like School?, catapulted him to superstar status in the field of education Willinghams work has been hailed as «brilliant analysis» by The Wall Street Journal and «a triumph» by The Washington Post Author blogs for The Washington Post and Brittanica.com, and writes a column for American Educator In this insightful book, thought leader and bestselling author Dan Willingham offers an easy, reliable way to discern which programs are scientifically supported and which are the equivalent of «educational snake oil.»

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Rehman Khan M. Problem Solving and Data Analysis Using Minitab. A Clear Easy Guide to Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma statistical methodology using Minitab Problem Solving and Data Analysis using Minitab presents example-based learning to aid readers in understanding how to use MINITAB 16 for statistical analysis and problem solving. Each example and exercise is broken down into the exact steps that must be followed in order to take the reader through key learning points and work through complex analyses. Exercises are featured at the end of each example so that the reader can be assured that they have understood the key learning points. Key features: Provides readers with a step by step guide to problem solving and statistical analysis using Minitab 16 which is also compatible with version 15. Includes fully worked examples with graphics showing menu selections and Minitab outputs. Uses example based learning that the reader can work through at their pace. Contains hundreds of screenshots to aid the reader, along with explanations of the statistics being performed and interpretation of results. Presents the core statistical techniques used by Six Sigma Black Belts. Contains examples, exercises and solutions throughout, and is supported by an accompanying website featuring the numerous example data sets. Making Six Sigma statistical methodology accessible to beginners, this book is aimed at numerical professionals, students or academics who wish to learn and apply statistical techniques for problem solving, process improvement or data analysis whilst keeping mathematical theory to a minimum.

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Susan Brittain Crochet Patterns For Dummies

Would you like to learn to crochet? Already know the basics, but would like to stretch your crocheting skills? From scarves and sweaters to hats and handbags, you can create beautiful, useful designs with ease using Crochet Patterns For Dummies. From choosing the right hooks and yarn and crocheting basic stitches to joining pieces together, this easy-to-follow guide will have you hooked in no time. Our hands-on workbook gets you crocheting fashionable, fun designs in a focused, step-by-step manner. You get a review of the basic stitches and stitch combinations, along with a concise appendix containing easy-to-follow instructions for working these stitches. You’ll find plenty of tips on changing colors and adding shape to your projects. Plus, you get full-color photos of every project—from potholders to afghans, belts to table runners, skirts to vests, and much more. You’ll also discover how to: Decipher crochet lingo Make a gauge swatch, read a pattern, and understand garment sizing Work with the most common stitches and stitch patterns Crochet in the round or with color Shape a design through increasing or decreasing stitches Use new techniques like felting and working with wire Crochet pictures and words using the filet crochet technique There are also quick-and-easy designs that are great for kids to make, as well as handy hints on caring for your finished items. Featuring more than 50 fantastic patterns perfect for beginners or those wanting to take their skills to the next level, Crochet Patterns For Dummies is your one-stop guide to crocheting success!

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Dariush Derakhshani Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Essentials. Official Press

Get up to speed quickly with this compelling, full-color guide to Autodesk 3ds Max With its real-world, hands-on exercises, Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Essentials helps new users learn the fundamentals of Autodesk 3ds Max quickly become productive. The task-based tutorials add real-world context that help you become familiar with the workflow scenarios of a professional environment, and provide that extra level of understanding to make you more proficient overall with the software. Updated for 3ds Max 2015 and recommended as a preparation resource for the 3ds Max certification exam, this guide teaches the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects. Youll have fun creating a retro-style alarm clock, animating a thrown knife, modeling a chair, and more, all while you learn modeling, rigging, animating, rendering, architectural visualization, and other career-essential techniques. This colorful, engaging book features: Chapter-opening learning objectives Step-by-step tutorials Full-color screenshots and illustrations Downloadable exercise files Learn all the crucial techniques youll need from authors Randi and Dariush Derakhshani, Autodesk Certified Instructors with years of professional experience under their belts. Artists, students, educators, and hobbyists will benefit from the guides techniques and tutorials, getting to know the program as a whole and gaining insight into which aspects of the 3D production pipeline are most appealing. Whether youre a beginner or migrating from another 3D application, Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Essentials provides the solid foundation.

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Lucy Moore Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France

The bestselling author of ‘Maharanis’ recreates the lives of six remarkable women who, in a time of violent revolution, leapt at the chance to exercise their considerable charm, intelligence and acumen, and make their mark on history.Germaine de Stael was an intellectual and an aristocrat, equally obsessed by politics and love affairs, who is said to have helped write the 1791 Constitution. Her fellow salonnière, Mme Roland, was a bourgeois housewife who became a fervent and influential revolutionary, until Robespierre’s regime sent her to the guillotine.While female intellectuals sipped wine in their salons, their working class counterparts patrolled the streets of Paris with pistols in their belts. Theroigne de Mericourt was an ill-treated mistress when she fell in love with revolutionary ideals and became an ardent anti-royalist until a mob beating by ‘sans-culottes’ ended her activism. The mob in question was made up of members of the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women, whose founder, Pauline Leon, agitated for womens rights.After the sans-culottes came the sans-chemises – the glamorous (often skimpily clad) merveilleuses. Decadent Theresia Tallien combined sexual license with the secular amorality of the new Republic and reportedly helped engineer Robespierres downfall. Her only rival for beauty was Juliette Recamier, whose elegance made her salons the most sought-after in Paris. When she refused Napoleon’s advances she was exiled from the city until his fall.Writing with vigour and passion, Lucy Moore reanimates these witty salonnières, fervent citoyennes and glittering merveilleuses to illuminate the brief, hopeful period in which the Revolution seemed to offer them the freedom they craved – and the ways in which it failed.

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Kimiko Barber YO Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook

YO! Sushi has transformed the concept of Japanese food and has created a revolutionary and unique dining experience. Conveyor belts filled with a rainbow of coloured plates carrying mouth-watering food prepared by chefs cooking in front of the diner have made sushi fun, funky and totally accessible.YO! Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook brings YO!s delicious Japanese dishes to the home and shows you how easy it is to make your own sushi and other Japanese fare. This eye-popping book includes YO!s most popular dishes: california rolls, salmon maki, prawn yaki soba and chilled roasted aubergines. Original recipes encourage readers to expand their repertoire and enjoy a range of flavoursome dishes. Learn to cook soy-marinated chicken, make healthy salads such as beetroot with sweet vinegar and impress friends with red snapper rice.Written by renowned Japanese food expert, Kimiko Barber, YO! Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook includes 120 delicious recipes. Forget complicated rolling or bizarrely named ingredients, Kimiko explains all the terms and shows how to make sushi rolls and other dishes through step-by-step photography. No recipe takes more than 30 minutes preparation or requires special cooking techniques. The book is divided into six colour-coded sections which reflect YO!s famous coloured plates, taking the reader chapter by chapter from novice to samurai so that you can work your way up the rungs until youre rolling with gusto.The book is fully illustrated in YO! Sushi’s exuberant style: Crisp finished food photography, bright graphics, and atmospheric reportage shots bring the energy of the YO! experience to the reader.

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